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Not for stay-at-homes / See, hear, be amazed

If your intention is just to stay quietly in our hotel and take its description as a refuge literally, we really must warn you – the area on both sides of the Rhine will make it difficult for you to go to sleep after the evening news on TV. Temptation is all around – wonderful cuisine and fine wines, theatres and concert halls, and – with the Museum Pass opening the doors of 180 museums – the biggest museum in the world. There are not only things to see, but also to hear, and to amaze you.

A host of good reasons for a visit!

Our selection of highlights for you:

Kehl on the Rhine - ahoy!
There’s nothing like the Rhine. Father Rhine, the original Rhine, islands in the river, the Europe Bridge, the Passerelle des Deux Rives… It’s true that Kehl has been built close to the water, but that’s nothing to cry about, unless it’s tears of joy. Kehl is just at one with the water, but it is much more than just water. The Upper Rhine metropolitan region includes towns, people, and emotions. So why wait any longer? Cast off from the safe haven of our First Apart’Hotel for a voyage of discovery. Port or starboard? France or Germany? Just cast off!

The Baden border town is marked like no other by Strasbourg, and it’s not only on the shopping streets just five minutes from the hotel that French is spoken. The original Rhine and the venue for the German regional garden show offer any number of secluded places. One of the most beautiful footbridges in Europe, Marc Mimram’s Passerelle des Deux Rives, links Kehl with Strasbourg in France.

Fairs in Offenburg and Strasbourg
Two fair venues that seek and find their public across borders. Offenburg offers the annual Upper Rhine Fair and Baden Wine Fair, and Eurocheval, which attracts more than 50 000 horse-lovers every other year. Strasbourg’s offer includes the Tourissimo tourism fair and a wine fair.

Baden-Baden (casino and spa facilities)
A residential town, a spa town, a town for the arts, a town for people taking the waters. Baden-Baden is known worldwide for its esprit and its elegance, and was valued even by the Romans for its thermal baths. Apart from wellness facilities, the international festival theatre, the casino and the racing week are the major attractions. A town with a history, and a future.
The Baden wine route (“Weinstrasse”)
From Baden-Baden almost as far as the Swiss border, the Route takes you through Germany’s warmest wine-growing area. Along the length of the route there are vineyards and wine-growing villages, such as Oberkirch and the “golden wine village” of Durbach. Baden’s best wines are Riesling (white) and Spätburgunder (red). Pampered by the sun – naturally.

The Black Forest
Germany’s largest continuous range of low mountains is known worldwide, and is a paradise for skiers, ramblers, Nordic walkers and mountain bikers. The fairytale Black Forest offers natural spectacles such as the Triberg waterfalls, mysterious places such as the Mummelsee lake, and the world’s largest cuckoo clock.

Europa Park, in Rust
120 attractions, 13 country themes, more than 4 million visitors each year. Germany’s biggest leisure park stands among the world’s top ten. Attractions such as the Silver Star with its 127 km/h are breathtaking, and guaranteed to set your pulse racing. But you can get your money’s worth on calmer attractions. It’s a leisure park for the whole family.

La Petite France (the old part of Strasbourg)
Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. With its canals, nooks and crannies and narrow streets, the historical tanning quarter is one of the most beautiful parts of Strasbourg. The typical half-timbered houses with their colourful roofs and dormer windows are a feature of the picturesque ensemble. Boat trips are very popular, offering fabulous views of the town’s medieval architecture. And there’s plenty to discover on the gastronomic front, too (Baeckeoffa, Flammkuchen).

Welcome to the European Parliament in Strasbourg
The European Parliament is the only directly-elected body of the European Union. The 736 Members of the European Parliament are there to represent you, the citizen. They are elected once every five years by voters right across the 27 Member States of the European Union on behalf of its 492 million citizens.

Strasbourg Cathedral
The cathedral, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is visible for miles and is marked by the history of France and Germany. Romanesque and Gothic building styles are to be seen in the Notre-Dame Cathedral, characterised by its missing right-hand tower. There are 332 steps to take you up to the panoramic platform! The cathedral houses a world-famous astronomical clock.

The biggest museum in the world (Museum Pass)
Rarities, classics, masterpieces. Paintings, sculptures, photographs. From prehistory into the future, from cave paintings to contemporary art, the museums of the Upper Rhine offer the full range. A single payment and voilà – 180 temples of art open their doors to you. The Tomi Ungerer Museum in Strasbourg, for example.

Le Vaisseau (Strasbourg)
Near to the border, and trans-border in its vocation is the “Le Vaisseau” science centre, which turns science and technology into an adventure for both children and grown-ups. It is one of the few museums to be largely bilingual (French and German), and it’s always exciting. Temporary exhibitions, café and picnic facilities.

The Alsace wine route (“Route des Vins”)
The route covers nearly 200 kilometres, linking not only 300 estates with their grand cru sites but also many medieval towns and villages, all worth a visit for their exceptional hospitality. The main wines produced along the Alsace wine route include Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer. Your very good health!
And our special tip:
Christmas in Strasbourg
The Christkindelsmärik is one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in France and Europe. The numerous Christmas markets, both large and small, and the city’s magnificent decorations turn Strasbourg into Europe’s Christmas capital. Each year there are any number of ideas for presents, including the world-famous bredele (Christmas biscuits) and Couronne d’Or wines. Strasbourg lives and breathes its traditions.

Fabrikstraße 1
(ehem. Hutfabrikstraße)
D-77694 Kehl bei Strasbourg
Tel.: +49 (0)7851 79 03 0
Fax: +49 (0)7851 79 03 44 4